But now I come to You, and these things I speak in the world, that they may have My joy fulfilled in themselves.

John 17:13

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30 Jul 2015  

BEWARE … WARN … who has Bewitched you?

“Have you ever thought of this,” says the preacher (in church?), “that perhaps you were in heaven, but were disobedient, so God sent you to earth to learn a lesson? Now think spiritually, put that on your shelf, and in a few weeks’ time, when your heart has softened towards it, we will look at this again!” What? That sounds like a brain washing technique, and the introduction to teaching on reincarnation which is totally unscriptural. Seemingly, no-one but myself blinked an eye! Spiritism postulates that reincarnation is considered the process whereby the spirit, once free in the spiritual world, comes back to the world for further learning.”

That was just the beginning of the alerts going off in my spirit! Now we are in (Bible Study?), with the same preacher! Someone asks a question. The reply was, “The spirit and soul of a person who has died hangs around for a few days, and it is during that time that the family members may see them and be able communicate with them!” Hello … that is demons that are being communicated with, who appear as the deceased person. Bible clearly states that we cannot communicate with the dead.

On another occasion the teacher relates to us, “if God doesn’t answer my prayer and I don’t know what to do, I go into my room, get totally quiet, empty my mind completely of all thoughts, and tell God I am going to stay there like that until he answers my prayer.” When challenged on that by 4 students saying that that would give a gap for evil spirits to enter and speak, and is highly dangerous, the preachers answer was, “well I like doing it that way”. So he was inferring that if God doesn’t answer you when you want him to talk, then you will try and force an answer from Him? Well, guess what spirit you will hear from? Not God! If you don’t hear from God, one must carry on doing what they were doing until God speaks in the way He chooses, and in His timing!

Then there is another way to hear God’s voice says the preacher – “through the setting of a fleece; I know all the pastors out there say it is not for today as we have the Holy Spirit, but I don’t see any harm in doing it every now and then”! Only one time in all of Scripture do we find someone putting out a fleece, and that was Gideon!  Jesus said we must have two or three confirming verses of Scripture. Fleecing is a very popular, yet very unscriptural, form of guidance and we see clearly that putting out a fleece never has been and never will be a God-ordained form of guidance. 

Certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees said to Jesus, Master, we seek a sign from thee.  But He answered and said unto them, ‘AN EVIL AND ADULTEROUS GENERATION SEEKETH AFTER A SIGN’; don’t put your confidence in signs and fleeces.  Jesus Himself forbad asking God for signs for any reason, signs and fleeces can be faked and counterfeited.  Mature Believers trust God’s Word.

Court of Heaven?” What is that? At this ‘church’, the preacher and his wife take the counselee into their office; at home the intercessors pray for the full duration of the 3 hour deliverance session known as ‘Court of Heaven’. As the intercessors receive words / visions / scriptures or whatever, they send it to the pastor and wife via WhatsApp. They then write everything receive on a white board and then at the end put they connect every point, like a puzzle, which then is supposed to reveal the problem / blockage in the counselee’s walk with Jesus. The counselee is not allowed to share anything of his / her life with the counselor’s, but must determine if what is coming through from the intercessors is accurate. They are then basically set free without any other deliverance needed. Is this Biblical, or occultism? This was the question I asked “Discerning the World”http://www.discerningtheworld.com/

My reply came back –

“Oh my goodness, this is divination through and through. The intercessors are acting as if they were ‘mediums’ receiving info about a person which they then send to the pastor who somehow manages to re-arrange all the messages that reveals the persons problem. This is blatant spiritualism in practice. Ok the intercessors are not communicating with the dead, they are however communicating with the demonic world.

The bad thing is the person that is being counseled is getting accurate info sent to him/her via the spirit medium ‘intercessors’ and they are getting their info from demonic spirits. It appears this ‘accurate’ info is supposedly helping people, but in fact it’s putting people into some serious demonic bondage.

You may as well go to John Edwards or that lady on TV, the Long Island Medium (yes, they speak to the dead, however as per the bible we know this is not possible, they are in fact communicating directly with demonic forces that are giving them info to pass on) so technically it’s the same thing. What this pastor and his intercessors are doing is the exact same thing.

The Bible, in fact, contains many stern warnings against spiritualism (Leviticus 19:31; Leviticus 20:6; Leviticus 21:8; Deuteronomy 18:9–13). King Saul, broke God’s commandment not to engage in the occult, in his case spiritualism, and ultimately he lost his kingdom because of it (1 Samuel 15:23; 1 Chronicles 10:14).

When the disciples and apostles came across people who had powers of divination from contact with demons, they cast these evil spirits out of the people (Acts 16:16–18).

The bible gives many verses that Christians should not seek contact or counsel with people who possess contact with spirits, because they are demonic and may give deceptive information to lead a person astray. (1 John 4:1).

A person who has been delivered from a problem in this manner can have one of more things go wrong in their life, 1) They believe what has happened to them is of God and will steep deeper into false teaching 2) Become demonically afflicted; illness or depression, or the problem will go away for a while and then come back even worse along with other problems.

The main reason why Satan uses false teachers to lead people astray is to get the people deeper into false teaching for its false teaching that drives a big wedge between people and God. Following false teaching = disobedience to God and that is a sin.

I actually went to do a google search on this new practice called ‘The Court of Heaven’ and it’s scary, very scary… No longer is prayer normal anymore, no, you now need to envision yourself in a court in heaven, almost have an out of mind experience and then plead your case aka pray to God that way in order for your prayer/case to be heard and answered. This is scary stuff.”

But it didn’t even end there.

What about all the teachings on the 4 Blood Moons and the coming blood moon of the 28th September, which according to this false teaching is a sign of the possible return of Jesus and / or changes in the direction of our lives, and which, due to atmospheric energies of some kind, cause shoulder and neck pains in us?  According to the Bible, in our lives, the signs of the times will not be found in the literal heavens, in the stars, or in the zodiac. Astrology must be totally ruled out, as it is without a doubt New Age and delving into the occult. No one who calls himself a Christian should be trying to locate signs of the times amongst occurrences in the literal heavens. All signs of the times will be unquestionably found in the political heavens presented in the Bible.

Jesus upbraided the clergy of his day for their stupidity in not being able to discern "The signs of the times." They desired that he would show them a sign from the heaven; upon which He exclaimed, "Oh! Hypocrites, you know how to discern the face of the heaven, but the signs of the times you are not able!" Like the pagans, they sought an omen in the sky - an eclipse, a shooting star, a darkening, or some sort of sign. It is written that God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to divide between day and night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and for years." Every astronomer, and navigator, agriculturist, and business man, knows practically the meaning of this. The use of them for these purposes of life, however, never suggests to them anything connected with the things of the Kingdom of God, or with the name of Jesus Christ. The signs of the Son of man are not there; and as Jesus told the clerical hypocrites of his day, they who look for them in that direction are "a wicked and adulterous generation," of whose doctrinal leaven men should diligently beware. The heathen, and those with heathen principles, look to the sky for signs of the return of Jesus, and the destruction of the world! Christian Philosophers are deeply into this folly; so that a comet or asteroid unusually close will set them all in tizzy for a collision, an explosion of the earth to fragments! And Christians have blindly surrendered themselves to their direction, and abandon themselves to the same foolishness, without researching and reading the Bible to find out if is true.

No one "taught of God," looks for signs among the planets, comets, stars, moon or sun (astrology). It is not in the signs and constellations of the universe; but in the sun, moon, and stars of the political heavens, that he has placed his signs. The coming of the Son of man is a great political event, bringing a complete overthrow of the existing constitution of this world. The resurrection of the saints is only one incident, though an important and vital incident, of the entire return of Jesus. Such an apocalypse, or revelation, of the Son of man, is therefore a grand political phenomenon.

Who would have thought a Christian could enter what they had been lead to believe is a Christian church / ministry, hear a touch of Christian preaching and teaching mixed with New Age, Spiritism and Spiritualism, and see Christians not discerning the highly dangerous mixture and spirit of divination?

Christians do not know the voice of the Shepherd and so cannot discern the spiritual voice of Divination. Why?

According to various surveys, 70-80% of Christians don’t read the Bible daily or regularly, and so do not search the Scriptures daily, like the Bereans did, to find out if the preaching and teaching they are hearing is Biblical truth.

“Voice Word Ministries” in Strand, supposedly a meeting place for Christians, is run by Joseph and Madelene Pretorious (called and appointed to pioneer people in their destiny - VOICE – work: DNA, Personality Analysis).



voice.wozaonline.co.za/home – A ministry led by visionary leaders Joe & Madelene Pretorious helping people for the last 30 years to develop a life by …


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