For you shall go out with joy, And be led out with peace; The mountains and the hills Shall break forth into singing before you, And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

Isaiah 55:12

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30 Jul 2015  

I have being called mother Teresa of the Gold field .mamosa meaning Mother of mercy .giving to me by the community I serve so faithfully  19 years ago God said to me "pick up your cross.follow me and feed my people".do not be afraid .I will be with you..and show you the way ..the following day I went into the squatter camp in Virginia .what I saw horrified me .I started on my lonely crusade looking for a third world solution to a third world problem among the poorest of the poor who have less than nothing I started going from shop .supermarkets butchers bakeries asking for food to feed this enormous crowd of poor families who were starving .the children were running  around hungry it was a breeding ground for crime and death .I Started crèches for the children .they are fed taught and the end of the year they would receive there certificates .a happy celebration. With their names on their certificates  these children can stand up to any child .                                  

I Started a feeding scheme for the poorest families who were sufferers of all different illnesses .fetching  food daily  I started soup kitchens for poor children who would walk far for a plate of soup the sick men and woman also recieved soup  the very bad bedridden AIDS victims .I went to their homes to feed them which is in different areas            

Praying many a night under the risen cross .the situations I was facing daily was very bad and even today while doing my rounds it doesn't seem to get better  many without jobs and many to sick to work God always assured me .he was with me  I have volunteers who cook the food and in return for the assistance I feed them being poor themselves  I also deal with many sufferers who have Aids .always praying with them holding their hand as they give there last breath I have so many heart breaking stories that wrench a person soul to listen to            

In my 19th year poverty has not got any better as I go on my rounds serving and helping in so many ways helping a enormous crowd .helping with coffins to bury their dead because of no money  I could never do what I'm doing if it was not a calling on my life .working in dangerous places and going through what I face everyday on a daily bases .many tears .many oppositions against me .I am still stand strong for Jesus who called me many years ago .to be a torch for his people The cries he heard to help his people through me .a unique ministry and a close relationship I have with my lord and saviour                          






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