Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!

Philippians 4:4

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30 Jul 2015  

I could give a million testimonies of Father God’s greatness, goodness and provision in my family’s life. He promised me a long time ago that we would have another child, but I must be honest - I had given up...

Crushed hope
14 years ago I was blessed with my son Kyle, but I always wanted a second child. Timing and circumstances just did not allow for a baby and my husband, Vaughan, was also not really fully convinced.
Eventually we decided it was time to try for a second baby. After a couple of months, we paid a visit to the gynaecologist. He did a whole battery of tests and found that we are both infertile and would not be able to conceive without medical intervention.
It was quite devastating to hear those words, but the doctor had suggested treatment which gave us hope. I started courses of medication and injections and we tried artificial insemination. It worked the first time which was great and we were overjoyed. I was taking a plethora of medication and we had to visit the doctor on a weekly basis.
At the doctor one day (still in my 1st trimester), he did a sonar and looked quite worried. After about a minute the doctor told us that the baby did not have a heartbeat and that we had lost the child. We were devastated.  We tried the A.I. route again after that, but the expense and the trauma just got the better of us and we decided to not have another child.  

Giving up on God’s promises
About five years passed. One day I was feeling a little out of sorts and on the spur of the moment I decided to buy a pregnancy test - I could hardly believe it when the test was positive! We went to the doctor and he confirmed that I had become pregnant without medical intervention.
I immediately started the medication and doctor’s visits again, as I was now a high risk case. We were so happy that the Lord had given us the gift of a child again. Not long into the pregnancy we got the sad news again that the baby’s heart was not beating and we had lost this one as well. I cried so much that day and decided to finally give up on the whole endeavour and just enjoy the child that I have.

Doubtful of the Holy Spirit’s words
During the winter school holidays of July 2014, Vaughan and I decided to take Kyle and two friends to Gold Reef City for the day. I am terrified of roller coasters but decided that I was going to go on each and every ride that day.  
The first line we stood in was quite long and we were just standing around when the Holy Spirit very clearly said to me “Do not go on the roller coaster”. I was still wondering what it could mean when the Holy Spirit said the following words to me: “It is not good for your baby”. I was stunned because I was not pregnant. I thought I would faint, my legs were shaking to badly.
I didn’t really believe His words and went on the ride anyway - luckily it was a mild ride and not too bumpy, because I regretted my decision the minute the train left the station. I spent the rest of the day in turmoil with the words “Do not go on the roller coaster, it’s not good for your baby” ringing in my ears. I was stunned and faked an upset stomach to get out of the rides.

Entrusting my unborn child to God
I only plucked up enough courage to buy a pregnancy test three days later. Up until that point there had been no signs of a pregnancy at all. I did the test and there it was - pregnant: 2-3 weeks.
Vaughan was travelling for work and I cried so much! I just couldn’t imagine losing another baby. The following Saturday Vaughan got back from his trip and was greeted with the news. He really didn’t know what to say. I was in such a struggle with the news and just didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Vaughan asked me when I was going to the doctor and I told him that I just couldn’t go.  
That is when the Holy Spirit ministered to me again and told me that nobody has the power over life – Father God alone can breathe life. No amount of medication and effort could make this baby live, no doctor could make the baby survive, it was in God’s hands. I prayed and told the Lord that I know He had this baby planned before the beginning of the world, He formed the baby in my womb and He has the only say. My husband and I discussed the matter and we submitted the baby to the Lord.

Our visit to Israel
We had booked a trip to Israel with JOY! Magazine by then and we were really looking forward to it. Vaughan and I decided to go to our doctor (a Spirit-filled, born-again Christian) and get travel advice in regard to the pregnancy before we left. Our wonderful GP listened to my story and told me to make sure I take my vitamins and if there is any problem in Israel I should get to the hospital as soon as possible. I left her office with a promise that she would pray for me. We decided not to tell anyone about the baby. I had the best pregnancy - I was never sick, my only complaint was fatigue.
Finally the day came when we left for Israel. We really enjoyed the trip and even though we walked a lot and were quite busy, I was feeling good. I ended every day by thanking God that I made it through another day with no problems. It was such a relief to be able to go to sleep at night knowing things are still ok.  By this time I had put on some weight and Kyle was getting suspicious, but we said nothing.  

Trusting Christ - every step of the way
I had promised Vaughan that I would go to the doctor when we got back from the trip. I decided to not go back to my normal doctor, but made an appointment with someone else. When I got to the doctor, we told him the history and the reason for waiting so long to see him; he did a sonar and couldn’t believe that I was already 13 weeks pregnant! We were overjoyed to see the baby on the screen and hear the little heartbeat. I had the necessary blood tests and it came back clear. The doctor suggested that we go to a clinic in Pretoria to have a foetal specialist scan done because of my history and age. The scan is specifically done to see if there is something wrong with the baby and to have the choice of an abortion if there is. We decided not to have the scan as we were trusting the Lord and abortion was not something that we would have ever considered.
The doctor was shocked when we told him our reason for not having the scan, but said that he would respect our wishes and still treat me. Apart from some normal fatigue and aches, the rest of the pregnancy was without any trouble. I never missed a day of work and was doing very well. I would be lying if I said there was never a day that I was worried, especially when it was time for the doctor’s appointment and sonar, but I made a fresh decision to trust God every time.

The power of prayer in hospital
On the morning of the 10th of March I was not feeling great. I called the doctor’s office and told them I suspect I may be in labour. The doctor saw me and confirmed that I was definitely in labour and I should book into hospital. After two and a half hours of labour, with Vaughan praying out loud the whole time, I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl. Weighing 3.3kg, her little voice was music to our ears and she is 100% perfect! The doctor was stunned that things had gone so quickly and smoothly - maybe he has realised the power of prayer.

Grateful for God’s blessing
The Lord kept His promise to us in the most wonderful way and we are now the proud parents of two beautiful children. Hallelujah! 

By Rose McTaggart


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