For you shall go out with joy, And be led out with peace; The mountains and the hills Shall break forth into singing before you, And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

Isaiah 55:12

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21 May 2010  

Thank you for your letter. It is obvious you have misunderstood the purpose of my article. “Take heed that no one deceives you” paraphrases Jesus words in Matthew 24:4 and focuses on deception in the media. The liberal media’s undeserved elevation of Barack Obama  to near god-like status is just one example of blatant media manipulation highlighted in my article. Ironically, your starry eyed infatuation with the media generated persona of Barack Obama is precisely why I wrote the article.
l assume you have never personally met Obama nor spent any time with him.  As a result, your arguments including your perceptions about Obama have been largely shaped by the media. In other words, they told you who and what he is and you swallowed it hook line and sinker. This fact is illustrated by your fierce defense of a man you have never met nor know very well. Additionally, your apparent disgust at comparisons between Jacob Zuma and Obama is revealing – which, incidentally, is similar to the disgust I feel when Zuma or Obama is compared to the Lord Jesus.
Furthermore, I am guessing you never personally met former US president George W Bush and do not posses independently verifiable information about the events you mention. In addition, your views and comments about the Bush administration sound remarkably similar to the usual drivel dished out by the liberal media. You appear to parrot all their favourite theories and allegations verbatim! It is therefore safe to assume that your perceptions about both Bush & Obama have been formed by the self same media. And unless you have an independent and trusted source of information outside of the liberal secular humanistic media, your views on the war in Iraq and other events are shaped by them as well.
Consequently, Jesus warning in Matthew 24:4 should have special significance for you. Since Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to international prominence during 2008, the global liberal media machine have carefully crafted a persona of Obama that has no basis in reality. The media’s fascination with all things Obama is easy to understand. He represents their God-less worldview and promotes this philosophy across the globe. Consequently, his lack of experience and achievements are largely ignored while speechmaking, appearance & charisma are magnified to camouflage these shortcomings.  
Your argument about the legality of abortion during the Bush and Obama administration’s is nonsensical. During the Bush administration a number of common sense policies were implemented to save lives, reduce the number of abortions and promote the sanctity of life.  Barack Obama has reversed all of them including promising to unban the most gruesome baby killing procedure in American history called “partial birth abortion”. Obama’s policy changes and overall philosophy has made him the most pro-abortion president in US history. In addition, the US House of Representatives has just passed a Hate Crimes Bill which effectively makes homosexuality, in all its bizarre manifestations, the most protected lifestyle in the US. This means the Church will be silenced on this issue as the Biblical teaching on homosexual conduct will be considered “hate speech”. Obama is making good on his campaign promises to advance the liberal agenda at any costs.
The thrusts of my article deals with the media’s manipulation of the facts, including their deceptive portrayal of Obama during the US election campaign. Millions of American Christians were hoodwinked into believing that Obama was their salvation. This theme is repeatedly perpetuated in American pop culture in increasingly bizarre expressions. The latest assault on the holy name and person of Jesus Christ is found in an artwork entitled, “The truth” unveiled in New York City, depicting Obama in Messianic imagery, complete with crown of thorns and crucifix pose.  Another artwork depicts Obama riding into Washington on a donkey and being greeted with palm fronds and shouts of “hosanna”. Significantly, despite these and other blasphemous imagery, Obama has not seen fit to condemned it.  Anyone who genuinely reveres and loves the Lord would be appalled at these images.
I agree Obama has the potential to be a great statesman. But only time will reveal this. My problem with the media’s fawning coverage of Obama is that they have raised the expectations of this man’s capabilities beyond what is humanly possible. Before Obama served one day in office he was touted as the most successful, popular, historic etc…
The media’s deceptive portrayal of Barack Obama as a modern day (false) “messiah” should concern all Christians. Millions are turning their attention away from their true salvation and redemption, Jesus Christ and focusing it on a sinful & fallible  man. Those of us concerned with media deception and manipulation should expose this evil wherever we find it. Your suggestion that my article is inspired by US “right wing” politics and is therefore racist is  laughable. I have no personal reservations with Obama becoming president of the US.  I do, however, disagree fundamentally with his godless policies and I oppose the deceptive media campaign that equates Obama with Christ .
I understand your admiration for Obama. However, I am convinced you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Obama’s speeches (written mostly by professionals) and promises are just that – carefully crafted speeches filled with promises that may or may not be fulfilled. The fact that you look forward to a “better world” based on Obama’s promises not only reveal your naivety but also, sadly, the tragic extent of your deception.
The better world you hope for will only materialise when Jesus Christ (the real One) returns. Every indication is that the world is growing increasingly evil and dark. No amount of speeches or government programmes will change that. The move away from Godliness to a more man centered philosophy is tragically apparent across the globe. Nothing short of a global revival which includes a mass repentance and turning toward God will transform the nations and usher in the better world you hope for.
Barack Obama’s rise to power  does however present him with a once in a lifetime opportunity to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his leadership and policy formulation. This does not violate the separation between Church and State (which incidentally does not exists in any of the US founding documents) but does support the right of every leader to be guided by his convictions.
Barack Obama has claimed Christian credentials on several occasions. However, judging by various replies to questions concerning his faith, it is clear his rudimentary understanding of Biblical Christianity is seriously flawed. His uncompromising stance on anti-life and  anti-family policies has already driven a wedge between his administration and social conservatives in America. This conflict is threatening to divide the US along ideological lines and goes against his campaign promise of non-partisanship.
Both Joy! Magazine and I are committed to advancing Biblical Truth and exposing deception in society. Consequently, the publication of an article that exposes blatant media bias and deception during the US presidential elections can hardly be considered fueling hatred for Obama. In fact, not only are your allegations unsubstantiated but they also border on the hysterical which is surprising considering your legal background.
In conclusion, it is safe to say that neither you nor I will know the real Barack Obama. We both have to depend on information fed to us by a media establishment that does not share our convictions or worldview. However, it is possible to discern a  man’s philosophy of life by the policies and ideas he propagates. And by that criteria alone, Barack Obama fails dismally.
God bless you
Errol Naidoo


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