Light is sown for the righteous, And gladness for the upright in heart.

Psalm 97:11

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May 2015

Oh how we all need wise counsel and direction from the Lord each day! Living in these times can be quite frustrating, scary, confusing, demanding and uncertain. The Lord has commanded us to consider Him in all our ways and not to worry and fret - He loves us and will direct our footsteps. How comforting and reassuring. 

This month we celebrate Mothers - so don't forget to bless your mom with a JOY! gift subscription for Mother's Day.

We also provide a 10-page Drug Rehab Feature, which can be helpful for those who are enslaved by the bondage of substance abuse and need a helping hand to lift them out of the pit and direct them to God's ultimate healing and freedom.



- Deborah Kirsten: Mom With A Message
- Open Doors: Cameroon
- The Anti-christ And Muslim Mahdi
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Joel
- Africa For Israel: What Is Christian Zionism?
- Standing With and Supporting Israel
- Have I Misunderstood God’s Will?
- A Prophetic Warning From The Holy Spirit
- Carnal Culture: Have You Fallen Prey?
- Busyness Is Not A Spiritual Gift
- Retrenched! Honey I’m Home For Keeps
- Phakamani Foundation: A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out
- Overcoming Grief
- Healing: Why Don’t Christians Receive It?
- Breaking The Bondage Of Addiction
- Bethesda Addictions Treatment Centre: The Gospel Incognito
- Noupoort Christian Care Centre: Jesus Is A Choice
- House Regeneration: A Biblical Cure For Addiction And Destruction
- The Jericho Recovery Centre
- Chasing Sunsets: New Book By Karen Kingsbury
- Victim Of The Web: Finding Faith Movie
- The River Group: God, Sex And Politics
- The Fragrance Of The Knowledge Of God


AND MUCH MORE! Please subscribe to JOY! and if you don't see our magazine on a store shelf - please let us know. We need to get the Word out in the secular market place!

Articles Inside the Magazine

Deborah Kirsten: Mom With A Message
This Mother's Day we celebrate the moms who have sacrificed so much to support their husbands and children; the moms who have ofte ...
12 Tools For Overcoming Grief
No doubt at this very moment many people all around the world are in bereavement over the loss of a loved one. Grief is no respect ...
Why Christians Do Not Receive Healing
If you have been given a 'death sentence' in terms of a serious medical diagnosis - there is hope! No disease is incurable! This a ...
Helping Others Who Have Been Retrenched
Being retrenched (or fired) from work rates as one of the major human stresses in life. Men and women might look at retrenchment d ...
Evangelism In His Name
Reckless Faith


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