By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches and honour and life.

Proverbs 22:4

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September 2013

What does one say to comfort those who have lost a loved one who is not saved? We have to be careful to bring words of Christian comfort without compromising the truth. One has to use sensitive words and phrases; we want to express love and sympathy yet we cannot give false hope.

Reading this month's JOY! Magazine will motivate you to reach out to others!


- Bruce Wilkinson: Teaching The Nations
- Time Matters
- What Happened? ACDP
- Colombia: Everything Is Possible When In God’s Hands
- Compelling Reasons To Learn Church History
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Ruth
- Can Someone Be Saved Without A Commitment?
- The Widow’s Mite
- What Is Heaven Like?
- Why Does God Hate Divorce?
- I Struggle With Authority
- Marie Duddle: An Overcomer In Christ
- This Is My Testimony: Stella Mpisi
- Africa Publishing Co.
- Home Schooling: Turning Learning Into A Way Of Life
- Welcome To Cape Town Baptist Seminary
- Kids In Church
- The Big Cover Up: Nico Bougas
- Nurden Cross: Free. Dumb?
- Local Is Lekker: Sounds Of the Nations
- Everybody’s Talking About
- International: 1 Girl Nation
- Go Tell: Movie Time
- DVD Review: This Is Our Time


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Articles Inside the Magazine

Bruce Wilkinson - Teaching the Nations
Bruce Wilkinson's life is touched by the needy people of the world. He has been involved in pioneering many organisations that inc ...
Can Someone Be Saved Without A Commitment
Both faith and commitment go into what it means to have a relationship with our Saviour...we cannot have one without the other.
Compelling Reasons To Learn Church History
Every Christian should not merely give Church history an occasional nod of respect, but embrace it as a critical component of a w ...
Why Does God Hate Divorce
When we divorce someone with whom we made a covenant, it makes a mockery of the God-created concept of covenant relationship.
Evangelism in His Name
When John the Baptist, baptised Jesus in the river Jordan, God the Father was not going to be left out. He was eager to baptise J ...


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