Light is sown for the righteous, And gladness for the upright in heart.

Psalm 97:11

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April 2013

Once again Easter is almost upon us and we have the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the most important event and holiest day on the Christian calendar. Jesus died for mankind’s salvation and rose again! He overcame sin and death so that we may have eternal life through Him. What an awesome gift to us!


- Come All Who Are Weary
- Ten Ways To Make Visitors Feel Welcome
- A Witch Doctor, A Stranger And A Curse
- Porn, One Of The Greatest Threats To Christianity
- Why Do 80% Of Youth Leave Church?
- Preparing For The New Normal
- Open Doors: World Watch List 2013
- The Bible In A Nutshell: Leviticus
- What Did Jesus Look Like?
- Biblical Answers For Popular Questions About Easter
- Accessing The Miraculous
- Neil Jury: Attorneys, Conveyancer And Notary
- The Manual - Book review
- The Church Jesus Prayed For: Michael Cassidy
- Embrace Small Beginnings
- Beating The Bullies
- Golfing for JOY!
- Shaping Heroes
- Youth Bytes: Fools Gold

- Get Connected : Sermon Soundbites
- Nurden Cross : You’re Living Too Small
- International: Kerrie Roberts: Faith, Fans And Family
- Go Tell: Movie Time
- DVD Review: New Hope

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God bless!

Articles Inside the Magazine

Come All Who Are Weary
We all need spiritual rest. God calls us to come into His presence to find it.
Accessing The Miraculous
A question I am often asked is: "What if I pray and nothing happens?", here is my advice - keep praying! To have faith, ...
What Did Jesus Look Like?
There is no physical description of Christ in the Gospels. We do not read of His height, size, hair colour, eye colour, or hair le ...
Porn: One Of The Greatest Threats to Christianity
Apologist and author of over 115 books, Josh McDowell has found that over 50% of pastors struggle with pornography.


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