Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Psalm 30. 5

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April 2006

It is our second issue of JOY! and this month we look at the Biblical Perspective of Bullying, we also look at an interesting story about Muslims and how God lifts their veils and it is our responsibility to reach out to them. Jordan Rubin, Health Evangelist, shares his testimony with us and his struggle to have a healthy life.

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- Bullying - A Biblical Perspective
- Hi-jacked! My Traumatic Experience
- God Lifted My Veil
- Mary Magdalene - Meet the Real Friend and Follower of Jesus
- Jordan Rubin - The Health Evangelist
- Stem Cells - A view From a Wheelchair
- transformation at Olmos Prison
- Minds, Morals and Movies
- When Silence is Golden
- What Shapes the Family
- The Chrisitian Survival Guide to Life on the University Campus.
- The Root of the Problem

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Articles Inside the Magazine

Bullying - A Biblical Perspective
THE TRAGIC DEATH OF A 16 YEAR OLD, Grade 11 pupil, has highlighted the problem of bullying and violence in schools. High Sch ...
God Lifted My Veil
I was born in Jordan to a Muslim family. My uncle, who'd moved to Chicago, told my dad about the wonderful opportunities in the ...
Hijacked! My Traumatic Experience
Hi-Jacked South Africa may not experience tsunamis, hurricanes or devastating earthquakes, but we do experience other life-shat ...
When silence is golden
Having a tug-of-war with your partner about where to go on your next date? Whether to relocate for a new job opportunity? How to ...


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