For the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Romans 14:17

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December 2018

It is Christmas time! Time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, and time to rejoice in His goodness and His abundant love. This month we have packed many touching stories into this issue, guaranteed to cement your faith in Christ. Read about the outreach opportunities that Christmas brings, the responsibilities that we have as believers, and the blessings that we get to enjoy!     


Key Articles in this Issue:

  • Christmas – A Unique Outreach Opportunity
  • The Story of a Homeless Family
  • The Christmas Challenge – Chris Peppler
  • What To Get Someone Who Has Everything?
  • From Tragedy To Triumph – Testimony
  • Keeping Your Family Close From Across The World
  • Rogue Pastors – Should The State Regulate Religion?
  • The Left’s Attack On Mike Pence Exposes Their True Agenda
  • Who Is George Soros? Billionaire Funding The New World Order
  • Jews And Christians Standing In Unity
  • Helping Traumatised Victims After Natural Disasters In Indonesia
  • Christmas Traditions From The Kitchen
  • Blessing Is Giving
  • Can A God Of Love Hate?
  • The Cup Of Life – Understanding Communion
  • Southern Tip Of Africa Fire Prophecy
  • 10 Things You Want To Know About Heaven
  • 7 Things To Consider Before Emigrating
  • Overcoming Unemployment And Injustice
  • Why Do Many Exclude God From Their Business?
  • Psalms Of Assurance For When You Have No Money
  • Will Your Child Be Rich Or Poor? 14 Habits For Success
  • Editor’s Note – Christmas – Make Jesus Known
  • Intensified Prayer Lives – Harold F. Weitsz
  • Crossing Over In Flood Season – Tendai Chitsike
  • Work In The Rest Of God – Andreas Kyriacou
  • We Serve A God Of The Impossible – Cheryllyn Dudley
  • Prayer For The Church In The Northern Cape  – Gertrude Moyo
  • Emergency Savings In Gold – Zoltan Erdey
  • Women of Grace
  • Letters to the Editor
  • JOY! Bible Fun – Wordsearch
  • Ask Val – Biblical Answers to Tough Questions
  • Musings & Reflections
  • Chanukah, The Feast Of Dedication – Aden Friedman
  • My Friend, the Holy Spirit – Siva Moodley
  • South African Evangelists
  • FBN TV Guide
  • Keeping Christmas Simple – Andre & Jenny
  • TBN TV Guide



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Articles Inside the Magazine

7 Things To Consider Before Emigrating
The exodus of people from South Africa is alarming. The reason? Rampant crime, collapsing standards in education and health care, ...
10 Things You Want To Know About Heaven
Artists and movie makers depict Heaven as a colourless place where the occupants sport wings and halos and have nothing better to ...
Rogue Pastors - How Should The Church Respond?
Many sectors of our nation have justifiably expressed indignation at the shocking allegations leveled against rogue pastors. These ...
The Christmas Story Of A Homeless Family
Christmas is the story of a homeless couple and a homeless baby. When we strip away all the Christmas trees, festivity, and commer ...
Communion - The Cup Of Life
Holy Communion is essential to the spiritual life of Christians. It is not optional; we are commanded by our Master to receive it. ...


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