Light is sown for the righteous, And gladness for the upright in heart.

Psalm 97:11

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October 2018

The October Issue of JOY! is packed with features and articles geared for teaching, equipping, informing, and blessing our readers. This month readers are given many GAP year options and we talk about education. See the gripping titles below and make sure to get your copy!


Key Articles in this Issue:

  • US Vice President Mike Pence - Campaigning for Christianity
  • Francis Chan - Devoted to Authentic Christianity
  • Werner Joubert -Survivor SA's ‘Godfather'
  • It's Time Pretoria - Interview With Angus Buchan
  • 24 Prayer Pointers for the 2019 Elections
  • Broadcasting the Gospel in North Korea
  • Persecution Knows No Age - Open Doors SA
  • Taking the Gospel to the Indian Tribes
  • Drone Warfare - The Future is Here
  • 5 Fun Facts About Jerusalem
  • The Biblical Meaning of the Word Hope - Gerrie Bester
  • Q & A With Daniel Kolenda - President of CfaN
  • CBN South Africa - Reaching the Nation
  • Scriptural Ways to Avoid Business Dips
  • God's Protection in Times of Economic Trouble
  • Serving Coffee With a Smile - Testimony
  • Why Satan Targets Fathers
  • Don't be a Church Dropout
  • God's Promises to Overcome Loneliness
  • 3 Steps to Making Friends at Church
  • Bringing God Glory in Whatever we do
  • Editor's Note - In the Blink of an Eye
  • Values to Live by - Andreas Kyriacou
  • A World of Different Opinions - Tendai Chitsike
  • God Uses FAT People
  • Your Story Has Power - Rainer Boshoff
  • Kingly Anointing - Leon du Preez
  • Women of Grace
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Musings & Reflections
  • What is the Feast of Tabernacles? - Aden Friedman
  • The Bible in a Nutshell - Revelation
  • My Friend, the Holy Spirit - Siva Moodley
  • South African Evangelists
  • Ask Val - Biblical Answers to Tough Questions
  • JOY! Bible Fun - Wordsearch
  • FBN TV Guide
  • Pave Your Path of Life and Peace - Andre & Jenny
  • TBN TV Guide


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Articles Inside the Magazine

Rise Of The Drones
We are used to seeing drones traverse the skies. Few people think twice when they see a single drone hovering in the air. Multiple ...
The Life And Faith Of Francis Chan
Francis Chan is an American pastor, author, and educator. He is respected globally for his passion to bring pure teachings across, ...
Christianity In The White House
There is an age-old adage that says when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. We have seen both the upside of th ...
What To Expect From Its Time Prayer Gathering
5 million people are expected, in faith, to attend the Its Time Pretoria prayer gathering on October 27th. At the previous two Its ...


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