Light is sown for the righteous, And gladness for the upright in heart.

Psalm 97:11

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August 2018


This August issue features articles that are relevant to us today as our world is changing rapidly – Microchipping, transhumanism, North Korea opening their borders – a lot is happening! This issue chooses to focus on the hope that we have in Jesus! He has promised us eternal life in a place that He has prepared for us. A place of peace, rest, and constant joy!




  • The Heart-Warming Story Of Lisa And Missy Harper
  • Hollywood’s Courageous Christian – Denzel Washington
  • Bringing God Back Into Politics – Interview With Mogoeng
  • 10 Bizarre Facts About North Korea – Lee Grady
  • Entitlement VS Equality In South Africa – Mike Burnard
  • What Does The Bible Say About Safety, Fear, & Negative Thinking?
  • Thousands Willingly Microchipping Their Hands
  • David And Goliath – What Made David Victorious?
  • Feeling Unwanted? Finding Where You Belong In God’s Word
  • Empowering Women With Dignity – Stories Of Hope
  • Sick And Tired Of Being Single – Book Review
  • Living Products – Anointing Oils And Pre-Filled Communion Cups
  • False Gods – What Are They And Why Do We Entertain Them?
  • Dealing With Depression
  • The Dinner Table – A Place Of Connection, Brokenness, & Blessing
  • God Works In Mysterious Ways
  • Prophecy For The Eastern Cape Church
  • Editor’s Note – Are You Smiling At Strangers?
  • Overcoming The Spirit Of Legalism – Andreas Kyriacou
  • Beware Of The Leaven Of Religion – Audrey Hardy
  • Loving Those Who Hurt Us – Jenny-May Hudson
  • Serving Together –Gerry & Janine Couchman
  • Cleansing The Nation Through Prayer – Harold Weitsz
  • Living For Christ In A Christ-less World – Tendai Chitsike
  • Prophets Preserve! – Marc Bredenkamp
  • Who Needs The Gospel? – Jews For Jesus
  • The #OfCourseMeToo Of Christian Women – Open Doors SA
  • Church Planting In Brazil – Harvesters Ministries
  • The Bible In A Nutshell – 1, 2, & 3 John
  • My Best Friend, The Holy Spirit – Siva Moodley
  • Central Asia Receives The Gospel – FEBA Radio
  • Ask Val – Biblical Answers To Tough Questions
  • This Month In Christian History – Lizzie Atwater
  • No Drifting Away – Andre & Jenny Roebert


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Articles Inside the Magazine

Bringing God Back Into Politics - Interview With Mogoeng
Mogoeng Thomas Reetsang Mogoeng is the current Chief Justice of South Africa. He holds an important role in the landscape of South ...
The Life And Faith Of Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington is best known for his impressive acting skills and his award winning movies that he directs and produces, but di ...
Did You Know These 10 Absurd Facts?
Regardless of what you think of the agreement that was signed by Kim and Trump on June 12 in Singapore, there is cause for genuine ...
Thousands Willingly Microchipping Their Hands
The future is coming, and it is going to look very strange. In the past, many authors had raised the possibility of tyrannical gov ...


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