The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork.

Psalm 19. 1

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December 2017

It's the most wonderful time of year! As this year comes to an end, we see our towns becoming more and more festive, with the joyous sound of Christmas carols being played in and around town. The whole world is rejoicing for it is the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Saviour!


This month we have featured some wonderful articles:


- Kim Clement's Powerful Prophecy­­ Of Donald Trump

- Heidi Baker's Supernatural Encounter With The Holy Spirit Is Changing Nations

- Prayers For Our Government

- What Are You Allowing Your Children To Watch?

- Why Do Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah?

- The War On Christmas

- Do Some Christmas Traditions Have Pagan Origins?

- What Should You Tell Your Kids About Santa Claus?

- Should Animals Be Given As Christmas Gifts?

- Leprosy Mission South Africa - A Testimony

- The Harvest Is Plentiful - Planting Churches

- What About People Who Have Never Heard The Gospel?

- Requirements For Biblical Healing - Dr Siva Moodley

- Transforming Communities By Farming God's Way

- From New Age To New Hope - Delivered From Deception

- Banting - A Biblical View On The Diet

- How To Build Your Spouse's Self-Confidence

- 5 Levels Of Communication For Your Marriage

- Practical Tips For Raising Godly Teenagers

- God Doesn't Call The Qualified -A Testimony

- God's Sovereignty And The Black Salary

- Why John 3:16 Is Not Enough - Tendai Chitsike


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Articles Inside the Magazine

What About Those Who Have Never Heard The Gospel?
"I am sure that down through history and even today there are people who have never had that opportunity. People in some obscure t ...
What Is The Biblical View On Banting?
Today, people are so confused regarding diet and lifestyle selection. One can drown in all the modern diet options available. We a ...
Kim Clement’s Prophecy of Donald Trump
This is a moment in history prophesied about by Kim Clement in 2007, and many Biblical prophecy scholars believe this moment ha ...
Do some Christmas traditions have Pagan Origins?
There is no doubt that some of what we now refer to as Christmas traditions can be traced back, in some form, to pagan cultures an ...


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