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Knysna's Shame: Debauched Festival


Psalm 94:16, “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?


The call for help came about 7am on Sunday 20 April 2008. Jerome Nel, senior pastor of Garden Route Christian Centre in Knysna, has been at the forefront of the battle to oppose the entrenchment of sexual perversity in this beautiful seaside hamlet. The strain of the constant attacks and verbal abuse from homosexual activists and their cheerleaders in the liberal media began taking its toll - so he called in reinforcements. Familiar with his bold and courageous stand against the negative influence of the Pink Loerie Festival, I did not hesitate. The situation in Knysna triggered memories of the homosexual lobby’s campaign in 2001 to entrench Cape Town as the ‘gay’ capital of Africa. This perverse and blatantly anti-family agenda was driven by former Cape Town Tourism manager, Sheryl Ozinsky, a prominent member of the homosexual movement who used her position to promote their agenda. Like Pastor Jerome, the Holy Spirit prompted me to expose their well planned and funded strategy. And similar to the situation in Knysna, when challenged, homosexual activists and their allies in the media launched a blistering attack on me and the church I then represented, for daring to question their motives. Their vicious attacks are nothing new. In fact, homosexual activists who consistently demand tolerance from everyone else are steadfastly intolerant of the views and legitimate convictions of those who disagree with their lifestyles.      


Pastor Jerome and Lynn Nel and their 200 plus congregation at Garden Route Christian Centre have positioned themselves on the frontlines of the battle for the Biblical ideal of marriage and the family. In a petition handed to Knysna Mayor Eleanor Bouw-Spies, Pastor Jerome along with other Pastors from the area and the head of the local Muslim Council, called for a town referendum regarding the Pink Loerie Festival.


The petition reads, “In Knysna, there is a rising tide of objections to the hosting of the Pink Loerie Festival. This objection is in no way aimed against the rights or dignity of ‘gay’ people. The controversy surrounding the Pink Loerie is a separate entity, disconnected from ‘gay’ rights issues. The population of Knysna has never been consulted on whether they want the Pink Loerie here or not. We believe the will of all the people of Knysna should be taken into consideration and must be heard. When some have dared to speak out, they have been maligned in the media and intimidated by a careful strategy to silence any dissent, accused of attacking ‘gay’ rights. We call on our honorable Mayor and town council to give the people of Knysna a referendum. As things are, the people of Knysna are being denied their democratic voice for fear of persecution. The constitution protects the rights of all people and all the people of Knysna must have a say in deciding, because the presence of the Pink Loerie Festival does indeed affect us all”.


The religious community’s plea was met with contempt. The organisers of the Pink Loerie Festival vowed the event would continue regardless, promising even more outrageous entertainment than before. They kept their promise and bedecked Main Street Knysna in pink bunting and feathers with the ubiquitous homosexual rainbow flag prominently displayed. As part of my Friday evening presentation to pastors from the surrounding areas, we viewed the FRC produced ‘Hate Crimes Laws, Censoring the Church’ DVD which details examples in the US of homosexual activists using ‘Hate Crimes’ legislation to silence the Church - even going as far as having pastors arrested for preaching God’s Word on sexual immorality in their own church. What makes the US situation all the more relevant, is the fact that homosexual activists are hard at work in South Africa agitating for similar legislation. Ominously, the objective is the same -  to silence the Church of Christ and to criminalise any criticism of homosexual behaviour.


To all intent and purposes, the ‘gay’ pride parade down Knysna’s main street on the Saturday afternoon was a shameless celebration of sexual depravity. This mockery of the gift of human sexuality brought to memory the dire warnings from the Prophet Isaiah found in chapter 3:8-9 “For Jerusalem stumbled, and Judah is fallen, because their tongue and their doings are against the Lord, to provoke the eyes of His glory.  The look on their countenance witnesses against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to their soul! For they have brought evil upon themselves”. The most disturbing aspect of this bizarre spectacle is the recruiting of innocent children to promote sexual perversion. A truck filled with young people, some who looked no older than 14, were gyrating to the deafening crescendo of club music. Local children clutching pink feathers were roped into the parade along with half naked adult homosexuals in garish make-up openly drinking alcohol. Parents with young children lined the street to catch a glimpse of this brazen display of debauchery, some even applauding. The whole experience left me feeling physically ill.


Following that spectacle, my sermon entitled, ‘Why the Church must love the homosexual but must oppose the radical homosexual agenda’ had added significance. I was shocked to learn that homosexual activists secured the cooperation of businesses in Knysna to promote their agenda including financial backing from Standard Bank and Cape Town Renault, who proudly flaunted their support for sexually deviant behaviour. More ominously, the worship leader at GRCC was fired from her job at Jawitz Properties in Knysna for using their letterhead to protest the Pink Loerie Festival. We prayed for her during the service and wait for God to reward her courage and faithfulness. Pastor Jerome, who bravely led this battle, was hospitalised for the entire weekend. It was as if God took him off the frontline to rest him for some future time. However, with Pastor Jerome down, his equally courageous wife Lynn took up his position in the battle going deep into enemy territory to rescue a young man being lured into homosexuality. We went to Knysna to stand alongside our fellow believers in the culture war. However, the boldness and courage of this small church with the big heart - who sacrificed so much to oppose the wicked agenda of sexual perversion in their town - greatly inspired us to boldly continue the battle for marriage and the family!


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