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Shattering the Mould: The Misconceptions of Women's Liberation

Feminism was born in the US in the 1960’s as women sought to liberate themselves from the traditional roles of wife and mother. Iconic images such as bra burning and women’s encounter groups made Women’s Lib a powerful movement. Radical feminists like political activists Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem quickly rose to prominence as the most influential leaders of the movement. 

Friedan, author of ‘The Feminine Mystique’, helped begin a new interest in women’s rights, debunking the myth that all middle-class women were happy in the homemaker role. In 1966, Betty Friedan was one of the key founders of the National Organisation for Women (NOW).

A disdain for Biblical values
Friedan’s disdain for the God-given roles of men and women in marriage became apparent when she said, “If divorce has increased by one thousand percent, don’t blame the women’s movement, blame the obsolete sex roles on which our marriages were based”.

In 1969, Friedan helped found the National Conference for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, to focus more on the abortion issue; this organisation changed its name after the Roe vs. Wade decision to become the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Interestingly, many NARAL activists now hold key positions in the Obama administration.

Leaders of Women's Lib
Gloria Steinem became nationally recognised as a leader of, and media spokeswoman for, the Women’s Liberation Movement in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1969, she published an article, ‘After Black Power, Women’s Liberation’ which, along with her early support of abortion rights, catapulted her to national fame as a feminist leader.  Steinem famously said, “Women need men like fish need bicycles”. Feminism and the Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM) that grew out of it are essentially a rejection of the clearly defined roles of men and women in the sacred institutions of marriage and the family, including the Biblical value system that underpins it.

A cultural war
The birth of the WLM, along with the hippy and homosexual movements signalled the beginning of the culture war against Biblical Christianity and consequently, the disintegration of the family unit. The relatively pro-family environment that existed prior to the sixties which opposed sex before marriage, divorce, abortion and homosexuality, were considered repressive impositions on women and society in general.
The rise of liberal secular humanism and by implication the WLM were responsible for the pill, legal abortion, no-fault divorce and the sexual revolution that lead to the explosion in out-of-wedlock births, sexually transmitted diseases and the proliferation of pornography. Feminists regarded these political ‘gains’ as signs of progress and a move towards the eventual emancipation of women from enslavement to men and the family structure.

The price of Women's Lib

A careful study of the social consequences of the Women’s Liberation Movement reveal that it inflicted more harm on women and society in general, than provided equality and political freedoms. The true emancipation of women was established by Jesus Christ. Prior to the advent of Christianity, women had virtually no rights or standing in society.

A woman’s social status was defined by her marriage or family links. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spread of Christianity did more to liberate women from discrimination and oppression than any political movement in history. Ironically, the Women’s Liberation Movement was birthed in a nation where women enjoyed the greatest standards of living and equality before the law. The nations where Christianity penetrated the deepest did the most to advance the equality and dignity of women.

There are nations in the world today where women are virtual slaves and regarded as chattel and third class citizens. Women and girls are murdered, tortured, abused and mutilated by members of their own families if they fail to follow certain traditions. As a result of their Christian heritage, the US and Western Europe elevated the status of women and advanced the equality of the sexes more than most other nations. Ironically, feminists utilise and manipulate these very blessings to pervert the true essence of womanhood, including foundational institutions like marriage and the family.  Tragically, and despite a few noble objectives, the Women’s Liberation Movement is the primary driver of the global abortion holocaust. The God-given gift of pro-creation inexplicably became a symbol of women’s oppression.

A dismal revolution

The sexual revolution that feminists claimed to have liberated women actually produced millions of unwed mothers dependent on welfare. Millions of men benefited from the new sexually liberated women. Why court and marry one woman when you can have all the guilt free sex with as many women as you wish, without committing to any? Inspired by the sexual revolution of the sixties, homosexual activists launched their own political agenda to legitimise sexual deviant behaviour with the Stonewall riots of 1969 in New York City.

Dire consequences

As a result of this newly discovered ‘sexual liberation’, sexually transmitted diseases skyrocketed, invariably leading to the discovery of and global spread of HIV/Aids in the early 1980’s. Esteemed social institutions like marriage and the family were suddenly denigrated and regarded as virtual prisons.

Divorce became an acceptable means of solving marital conflict as marriage was steadily devalued. The spiralling rate of divorce as a result of rampant sexual immorality literally transformed family life. Dysfunctional and single parent families that were once the exception - became the norm. Family breakdown and fatherless homes littered the social landscape with devastating consequences for children. Whole nations groaned under the financial burden of spiralling welfare budgets as governments struggled to compensate for the breakdown of the family unit. Contrary to its goals of equality and sexual liberation, the Women’s Liberation Movement served only to undermine its own stated objectives by rejecting the inherent value, dignity and purpose conferred on women by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shattered dreams

The millions of single women struggling to raise their children, the millions more whose dreams were shattered by teenage pregnancies, and the scores of emotio­nally damaged women duped into abor­ting their babies, bear grim testimony to the failed social experiment that is the Women’s Liberation Movement. In the final analysis, the WLM like the ‘gay’ rights movement are mankind’s attempts to jettison the safe boundaries of God’s Law and live unrestrained lives governed only by their own sinful desires. Five decades later and as the terrible evidence demonstrates, the sexual revolution produced nothing but heartache, dysfunction and shattered lives.

Women and politics

Millions of women and girls are caught up in prostitution and trafficked as sex slaves across the world as a result of family breakdown and sexual exploitation. The WLM and the resulting sexual revolution did nothing to reverse this despicable trend. In fact, the wholesale rejection of the Biblical values and principles that govern and protect human sexuality is chiefly responsible for the terrible plight of women and girls across the world today. The Women’s Liberation Movement presents a perver­ted counterfeit of the true emancipation of women that began when Jesus walked the earth. True liberation can only be found in Jesus Christ.   2 Corinthians 3:17 declares “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty”. Liberal secular humanists have hijacked the concept of what it means to be a progressive, successful and liberated woman.
Feminists in the US and around the world typically revere US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton as a shining example of the truly liberated women. Clinton is not shackled by marriage or family concerns. Her husband, Bill Clinton, and their only child, Chelsea, seem like bit players within the context of her political ambitions.

Hilary Clinton: the Women’s Lib role model

Hillary Clinton is staunchly pro-abortion and pro-homosex­ual. To reiterate her feminist credentials, Clinton once said she wanted to be the first US president to march in a ‘gay’ pride parade. She may however lose that distinction to Barack Obama. Clinton is a product of the WLM. She fits the ideological mould perfectly. The only reason she lost out to Obama was because the liberal media found someone more radically pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and committed to socialism than her.

Sarah Palin: shattering the political mould 

However, the introduction of Sarah Palin to the US national political scene shattered the carefully crafted mould of the successful, progressive and liberated woman, plunging the liberal media into a frenzy. When Senator John Mc Cain announced his unexpected Vice Presidential pick for the US presidential elections in August 2008, the liberal media was caught off guard.

The Governor of Alaska took the stage flanked by her handsome and adoring husband and surrounded by their five beautiful children. She delivered an inspirational speech that changed the mood of the elections. The world later learned that Sarah Palin was America’s most popular and successful a pro-life, born-again Christian who believed marriage is bet­ween one man and one woman.

The pro-liberal media machine

To make matters worse Palin decided, against Doctors’ recommendations, to give birth to Trigg, her fifth child - who was diag­nosed with Down-Syndrome. She did so in the belief that life is sacred and that God had a purpose for her child. Sarah Palin’s popularity soared with ordinary Americans, which resulted in the Mc Cain/Palin ticket overtaking Obama and Biden in the polls. As a result, the pro-Obama liberal media machine unleashed a scathing attack on Sarah Palin and her family that was unpre­cedented in US presidential elections history.

Their agenda

Media analysts were shocked at the viciousness of the attacks, especially since Palin was only the Vice Presidential nominee. However, as I later learned, Sarah Palin not only presented a major threat to Obama’s ascendancy to the presidency, but also an exciting and refreshing alternative to the commonly held view of the liberated American woman.

The glaring difference of course, is that Sarah Palin is a pro-life, pro-family Christian mother of five who believes in the calling and destiny of God.  I have just finished rea­ding her book ‘Going Rogue’ which provides interesting insight into why this beautiful, intelligent and successful woman was the target of so much hatred, lies and deception. And even when she and John Mc Cain lost the election and no longer presented a threat to Obama, the liberal media refused to relent, following her to her Alaskan home and lite­rally hounding her out of office. They undermined her integrity using every dirty trick in the book, including harassing her family and anybody close to her to dig up dirt.

Staying true to Biblical values
Sarah Palin was forced to resign as the Governor of Alaska because the liberal media made her life a living hell. They ignored her outstanding political achievements, choosing rather to manufacture tabloid style scandals to destroy her reputation. But what is it about Sarah Palin that elicited such naked contempt from the liberal left in America? Simply put, Sarah Palin had the courage of her convictions (something rare in contemporary politics) to run for high office while staying true to her convictions.

She shattered the stereotypical image of the successful, progressive and liberated women and exposed the false ideology that created it. She also proved that a woman with a successful career can be equally comfortable in her God-given roles as wife and mother and that these roles are not incompatible.

True liberty
The liberal media hates Sarah Palin because she refuses to compromise her Biblical values and principles to conform to their standards. Her brief but tumultuous stint in national politics embodies the fact that true women’s li­beration comes only as a result of a life of purpose, completely surrendered to Jesus Christ. For as the Word declares “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!


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