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Media Bias

Bias in the media must be one of the greatest challenges facing contemporary Christianity. The media’s powerful influence on society is the single greatest threat against Biblical values. Christians, above all others, should be acutely aware of the power of the written and spoken word. The liberal media intelligentsia understand this principle and have managed to extend their control of the mainstream media to specifically advance their godless philosophy.

Manipulating society’s values
The domination of liberal secular humanism in both the popular and news media has effectively relegated Christian thought and opinion on key social issues to minority status. Anti-Christian media bias has effectively manipulated society’s values to reflect the exact opposite of what is true. In other words, according to the mainstream liberal media, the worldview of the majority of South African citizens is liberal secular humanism. Nothing can be further from the truth. By virtue of their total dominance, the liberal media typically drowns out dissenting opinion in order to amplify their secular humanistic ideology.

As a result, they have convinced themselves and others that liberal secular humanism is the prevailing philosophy of post-apartheid South Africa - despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The mainstream media in South Africa is almost exclusively pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and hostile to Biblical Christianity. However, whenever surveys are conducted on the issues of abortion, homosexuality, pornography, etc - the vast majority of citizens reject the liberal view, subscribing mostly to a conservative approach. Although they claim to report the news objectively, there is actually no evidence of this in the popular media or in our daily news bulletins.

A secular humanist philosophy
The liberal media’s narrow agenda is made glaringly obvious by their selective choice of subject matter. For example, it is almost impossible to get the media to cover pro-life events despite their apparent commitment to report the news in a fair and objective manner. Stories that feature homosexuals are usually treated sympathetically. In the media’s topsy-turvy world of make believe, Bible believing Christians are a tiny minority group operating on the fringes of society. The mainstream media are reluctant to address many of society’s ills from a spiritual perspective – preferring rather to promote the erroneous idea that government programmes, supported by huge budgets, is the answer to all of life’s problems.

This argument, although largely discredited, fits perfectly with the media’s godless philosophy. The debate on prostitution law reform is a case in point. The liberal media almost exclusively believes that prostitution must be decriminalised – because as they argue, “a woman has the right to do with her body as she pleases”. And because this view fits in with their philosophy, they studiously ignore the overwhelming body of evidence that proves legalisation does not benefit the women trapped in prostitution but rather the pimps, gangs and criminal syndicates that sexually exploit them. Essentially, the liberal media refuses to let the truth get in the way of advancing their ideological agenda.

A culture war rages across the land. Two incompatible worldviews are engaged in a life or death struggle for the hearts and minds of society. The Biblical-Christian worldview, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is espoused primarily from the pulpits of Bible based Churches across the country. The competing worldview is secular humanism. The objective of this view is to contradict, oppose and undermine the message of the Gospel. Significantly, the primary drivers of this message are the pulpits of the liberal mainstream media.

A Biblical Christian worldview
Tragically, most Christians are oblivious to the fact that there is a culture war raging against their faith. This is evidenced by the absence of a Biblical worldview amongst many Christians today. Millions of church-going Christians slavishly follow media trends and are influenced by the subjective feelings of current fads. Without realising it, they evaluate key political and social issues on the basis of information received from the liberal secular media. Scripture is ignored and major news networks are quoted to justify perspectives. As a consequence, the most powerful and influential pulpits in contemporary South Africa are not found in the nation’s churches any longer, but in the Hollywood studios and newsrooms of the major news networks of the liberal media establishment.

The liberal media have taken the advantage in the culture war. Their relentless attacks on Biblical Christianity are subtle, but effective. Tragically, the fact that most Christians are blissfully unaware there is a culture war raging in society  is the key to the media’s success. Consequently, in order to reverse this travesty and win the culture war, every member of the Body of Christ must be taught the inerrant value of a Biblical Christian worldview, including how to defend it against the attacks of the media and use it to impact and influence society.


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