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Christians, never forget the powerful role you play in bringing about change. Your prayers and your actions can lead us seeing value-based decisions and legislation being re-instated in this country.

For those who are unaware, Multichoice has been inundated  recently with e-mails from concerned citizens about their irresponsible policy of airing pornographic movies on their various movie channels and their suggestion of adding a dedicated pornography channel to the DSTV bouquet. Due to a massive outcry from the general South African public, and the prayers of hundreds, they have officially abandoned the latter idea. That does not mean we should halt our campaign against immoral and irresponsible content though.

After receiving a letter from the Christian Lawyers Association, Marietjie Groenewald sent me the following e-mail: “I notice that you have now started referring a wide range of people to me to bombard me with letters. To date, I have received 50 emails from your friends. Please note that MultiChoice does not manufacture content but buys programmes already made. We also do not commission content.

We only provide the platform for shows, therefore asking us to change the actual content of specific programmes is pointless, as we do not manufacture those programmes. If you have a problem with the content of a specific channel, I suggest you get in touch with the content provider of that channel. Kind regards, Marietjie.”

Besides trying to shift the responsibility to un-named, “content providers” Marietjie made no attempt to provide contact details for the content providers nor offer to direct the e-mails to them.

Please continue to write to Multichoice requesting they remove all pornographic content from the DSTV movie menu Att: Group CEO, Nolo Letele & CEO Nico Meyer veni.moodley@multichoice.co.za

On another serious matter, the unrestrained and divisive rantings of an official of the ruling party remains a problem. Inexplicably, it appears as if Julius Malema has been left to his own devices by the ANC and is working hard to unravel all the reconciliation efforts initiated by former president, Nelson Mandela.

Although they deny it, the vile buffoonery that is Julius Malema is a creation of the media. Malema played to the media’s insatiable appetite for sensationalism providing a regular spew of bile - the media greedily lapped up. Now that Malema and his cronies have turned on them they cry foul. 

Malema is an intemperate, ill-disciplined and dangerous individual. His popularity increasingly depends on his bizarre and ill considered attacks on everybody from cabinet members, opposition party leaders, Church leaders and even leaders of his own tri-partite alliance. If the ruling party ever needed justification to recall one of its “cadres” - Julius Malema is it! Malema’s resurrection of the Peter Mokaba song “Kill the Boer” almost sixteen years into South Africa’s democracy is a sign of a desperate and angry man. Since the media exposed evidence of corruption in Malema’s personal life, he has gone on the offensive in the best tradition of Mugabe.

The Church of Jesus Christ must pray into this situation, but also act. Every responsible citizen that cares about the future of this nation must write to the President requesting he recall Julius Malema from his leadership position of the ANC Youth League - like he did Mbeki from the presidency.
Significantly, Malema poses much more of a threat to the nation’s future stability than Mbeki ever did. And if the ANC could justify recalling Mbeki, it can certainly justify recalling Julius Malema.
If you and I ignore this rabble rouser today, we might live to regret it later. Write today!
Write to the President’s private secretary, Ms Delsey Sithole at delsey@po.gov.za  and also ANC Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe at tmananga@anc.org.za


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