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There is a growing belief amongst Christians that much like 1994, 2014 will be a watershed year for South Africa. The initial euphoria that greeted the nation’s “peaceful” transition to democracy in 1994 quickly dissipated when election promises failed to materialise. South Africa celebrated 20 years of democracy this April. However, endemic corruption, crime and violence, growing poverty and unemployment and rapidly declining moral values have all killed the hopeful dream of a New South Africa.
The Christian Church has grown increasingly insular over the past two decades and has lost much of its influence in society. However, several
prophecies by Christians from different walks of life seem to indicate that God will move in new and unexpected ways this year. The Spirit-led Christian Church will be at the centre of this move of God. The political landscape will also receive a shake-up. This will be a sovereign move of God but its manifestation will require the fervent prayers of the saints.

With this in mind, the Body of Christ must prepare to oppose the works of the evil one through fervent, focussed prayer and purposeful action. God has a plan and purpose for South Africa. However, the enemy of our souls seeks to undermine this plan. You and I have to faithfully co-labour with the Lord to establish His perfect will for our nation.


Did you know homosexual activists in South Africa have been lobbying the South African government to introduce ‘hate crime’ laws with the express purpose of criminalising the Bible? With the help of the liberal media, sexual rights activists have advanced the lie that “The Christian Church preaches a message of hate.” They argue erroneously that the Scriptural condemnation of homosexuality is what promotes violence against homosexuals. Homosexual activists are given uninterrupted airtime in the liberal media to vilify and demonise the Christian Church (a form of hate speech in itself). These activists have repeatedly and falsely accused the Church                  of “having blood on its hands.”

Did you know the South African Government plans to introduce ‘Hate Crimes’ legislation in Parliament soon after the General Elections?  ‘Hate Crime’ laws will effectively criminalise the preaching of God’s Word on sexual sin. In western nations like Canada, Sweden, the UK and the US, homosexual activists have used ‘hate crime’ laws to silence and imprison pastors for preaching the Scriptures on sexual sin.

Did you know the former Deputy Minister of Justice, Andries Nel, believed liberal media distortions regarding the Christian Church’s view of homosexuality and instructed the South African Human Rights Commission to investigate a Christian ministry for “discrimination against homosexuals” - without a shred of evidence?

Did you know the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has already launched investigations of Christian Churches for believing and preaching God’s Word?
In a ruling against a Christian ministry in Bloemfontein last year, the SAHRC effectively ruled the Church cannot hold the view that the homosexual lifestyle is contrary to the Divine Will! Consequently, the Christian Church and the Holy Bible it teaches, is slowly, but inexorably, being forced to surrender to the pagan ideology of a government out of step with its people.


Did you know our Government plans to introduce legislation in Parliament shortly after the General Elections that will criminalise parents for disciplining their own children?
South African public policy is increasingly being dictated by the United Nations, where radical feminist and sexual rights activists dominate policy development.

Did you know a Christian Church is currently under investigation by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) for simply teaching the Bible?
Radical atheist groups lodged complaints with the SAHRC claiming the Christian Church promotes violence against, and the torture of
defenceless children. The Church is now forced to defend its religious freedoms to believe and teach God’s Word on child discipline.


Did you know the South African Government has recently heard submissions from concerned citizens on the “Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill?”
The Gender Equality Bill is a draconian piece of legislation that aims to force private and public bodies, including the Christian Church to comply with the godless agenda of radical feminists.

Did you know that as a result of urgent interventions by several Christian organisations the Gender Equality Bill was amended to exempt Churches and NGOs from complying with government enforced quota systems – signalling an important victory for Christian religious freedoms in South Africa? This is testament to the power of the united Christian voice.

These and other anti-family legislation is deliberately formulated to socially engineer South African society to fit the twisted ideology of radical feminist and sexual rights activists. South Africa is increasingly becoming isolated from its pro-family African neighbours. In fact, pro-family groups argue that ideologically, South Africa fits in better with Western Europe than it does Africa.
The Body of Christ will be given an opportunity to re-direct the nation towards its God-given destiny in 2014. Clearly, the enemy has a very specific plan for this nation. However, God has a greater plan and purpose for this nation. The question is: will the Christian Church sit idly by while the enemy destroys our families - and ultimately our nation? Or will the Body of Christ rise up in faith in 2014 to reclaim the promises of God for South Africa? 


Errol Naidoo is the President of  Family Policy Institute. His organisation acts as a  Christian voice in government and  the media. For more information:  www.familypolicyinstitute.com


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