Light is sown for the righteous, And gladness for the upright in heart.

Psalm 97:11

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Is smoking a sin?


Sin is disobedience to the revealed Will of God. It is ‘falling short’ of the standards set by the Lord in His Word. “Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.” Jam 4:17 (NLT).

Ask yourself these questions:
·         Does smoking do damage to my physical body, which is God’s Temple? (1 Cor 3:17)
·         Does smoking cause me to misuse money entrusted to me as God’s steward? (Luke 12:42-44, Matt 25:29)
·         Does smoking cause me to feel guilty and, therefore, sin against my conscience? (1 Cor 8:12)
·         Does my smoking offend others? (1 Cor 8:13, 1 Cor 10:31-33, Rom 14:12-18)
·         Is God glorified when I smoke? (1 Cor 10:31)
·         Does smoking have dominion over me? Am I in bondage to it? (Rom 14:13,14)

Meditating on these Scriptures will help you to answer your own question. If your answer is “yes” to one or more of them and you desire to be free forever of this persistent habit, appeal to the Lord for help. “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36 (NKJV)


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