The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork.

Psalm 19. 1

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Every year, multitudes of scholars write their matric exams and face the prospect of going out into the big wide world. Yet, there are such vast arrays of career choices available, that many are bewildered and unsure of which direction to follow. Gap-Year Programmes offer an ideal environment in which to find clear direction for the future, while having fun and being trained in many short-term qualifications.

In this year's Gap year issue, you can read about the following exciting programmes:

- What To Study?
- South African Music Institute: Live Your Dream
- 13th FLOOR: Where Stories Belong
- Beyond Adventure: A Year Of Living Adventurously
- Metamorpho: Discover Your Personal Significance
- Wortelgat: Find Your Purpose In God
- Treverton G.A.P. Year: A Multifaceted Launch Pad For Life
- Victory Gap Year
- 3D Outreach: Where Will You Leave Your Mark?
- Hatfield Worship Academy and Gap Year


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