For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Philippians 1:21

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Isaiah 45 is a stirring chapter.  Filled with promises of provision and deliverance, God gives two motivations for His divine assistance.  Firstly, as we see from verse 3, “that YOU may know” the sovereignty, divinity and love of Almighty God.  Secondly, as we see from verse 6, “that THEY may know” – those who observe your rescue – that our Father God is undisputedly the King of kings and Lord of lords.  Consequently, when the Lord liberates His children from the storms of life, He desires in particular these two outcomes.  He desires that our faith would grow, that by seeing how He assisted in our time of need, we may be stronger in the next storm, confident that those who trust in Him will not be put to shame.  Unfortunately, there are those Christians who continue to doubt His willingness and ability, regardless of how many times the Lord miraculously intervenes.  How this must break His heart!  Dear friend, stop doubting Him.  He has made a way before – He will do so again!  In addition, God desires that our rescue would compel others to likewise believe in Him.  A testimony assists both the believer and unbeliever alike.  For the believer, a testimony encourages them to also commit their problems to the Lord. For the unbeliever, there is nothing like a testimony to convince them that they need Jesus.  And so, let each rescue not only grow our own faith, but may we proclaim the story of that rescue from the rooftops, using it to turn the world to Him!

Andiswa Bonde, a young girl from Mthatha, experienced firsthand the rescuing power of Jesus.  May her testimony inspire you to likewise believe for your miracle, whatever that may be!

Yours in Him,
Tamryn Klintworth

Andiswa Bonde, an 18-year-old girl from Mthatha, was desperate for a cure for her unending headaches.  Emotionally, she was a mess.  Having lost her mother in 2009, Andiswa was still struggling to cope with the loss.  Although she still had her two sisters, feelings of loneliness and hopelessness threatened to overwhelm.  “I have been having headaches since my mother passed on,” she explained.  “It disturbed every part of my life, even my studies, to the point where I failed last year.”  She continued, “I came to the crusade so I can be healed.”

In her search for physical healing, Andiswa discovered something far greater – a cure for her soul!  “I was so touched by the part of the sermon that spoke about God not being a Judge but rather a Saviour, that I just had to accept Jesus into my heart.”  With her salvation, came the healing.  “I felt fire running all over my body,” she described.  “I am healed!  I am so happy!”  Thrilled that her past trauma no longer dictates her future, she desires to surrender her life entirely to Jesus.  “I promise that I am going to serve my God,” she exclaims.  “The only thing I wish for now is to be successful in my studies and become the person I have always wanted to be.”

Tamryn is the founder of In His Name Ministries, an evangelistic organisation dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Africa and the world. Find her on Facebook under Tamryn Klintworth or visit the ministry website at: WWW.INHISNAME.ORG.ZA

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