But now I come to You, and these things I speak in the world, that they may have My joy fulfilled in themselves.

John 17:13

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Dear Friend,
As witnesses for Jesus, believers are compared to salt in Matthew 5 v 13. "You are the salt of the earth," Jesus proclaims. What an interesting comparison! Why would Jesus specifically refer to Christians as salt? When one considers the uses of salt – it has over 14 000 known uses – one finds that comparing believers to salt is most appropriate.
Firstly, salt enhances FLAVOUR, thereby promoting an appetite or desire for foodstuffs. Indeed, we as believers must promote a desire for God in others, making them aware of their need for the same peace, joy and love that flow from being reconciled to God. Secondly, salt acts as a PRESERVATIVE. Indeed, we are called to preserve holiness and righteousness in this world, directing people towards good and away from evil. Thirdly, salt has the ability to MELT COLDNESS. Christians, through the love shining in their words and actions, are to melt the hardness around human hearts, giving the Holy Spirit a gap to transform lives. Lastly, salt is used to DESTROY BACTERIA and HEAL WOUNDS. Amen! Christians are called to drive the darkness out of lives, casting out demons and healing the sick in the name of Jesus, whether such illness is of a physical, mental or emotional nature.
I want to encourage you today to continue shining for your God. Never slow down and never quit! You have the tremendous responsibility – and grand privilege – of being the bridge between this world and a Saviour awesome beyond compare. Let us continue more fervently than ever before to be the salt of Christ and a witness for His glory, in the life of every person we encounter!
The following testimony of Mlungisi, a 52-year-old Shepherd from Mount Fletcher, will surely inspire you.
Yours in Him,
Tamryn Klintworth

From Crippled to Cured
With both legs broken, Mlungisi Maquba trusted fully that he will be healed, if he only could come to our crusade held in Mount Fletcher.
Deep in his heart, Mlungisi knew that what seemed impossible to him and to those around him, was surely possible with God. Stepping out in faith and travelling by taxi on his crutches, this 52-year-old Shepherd was determined not to miss his opportunity to be touched by Jesus. He knew he would receive his miracle.
Having had a history of many hospital visits since his injury, he desired a permanent change in his life. “It was so painful, I went to hospital every now and then,” Mlungisi says. He could not contain his excitement and enthusiasm when he could finally throw away his crutches and stand on both legs after being prayed for. Waving his crutches in the air, he says, “I was walking using sticks, now I do not need them anymore because I am healed!”  
Because of the great miracle that Jesus has done in his life, Mlungisi wants to dedicate his life to spreading the good news of His Gospel. Growing up without parents had a great influence on him becoming an alcoholic. Now, Mlungisi has had a total change of heart. “I used to be an alcoholic when I was younger, but now I wish to be a good example to people in my community. I also want to pray for the sick.”
Mlungisi is determined to grow stronger in his faith and to prosper God’s Kingdom. “I want to grow in my salvation and be free of fear to be able to preach the Gospel. I want to grow stronger in my faith,” he says.
A life completely turned around and changed for good. Mlungisi will go about, a living testimony of Jesus’ miracle-working power, proclaiming the goodness of His God. Our Jesus is glorious!

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