The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth.

Psalm 145:18

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Worship Changing Lives, Changing the World
Restoration – Mark Tedder

What do you do after a two year stint in Beijing culminating in leading the first live worship recording in China’s history (The Door)?  Mark Tedder and his wife Carrie took a month off to travel through Europe “We wanted to just hang out in the cities and sit in cafés and chill out - and we did that - but being a follower of Christ you can’t really get away from what God wants to stick in your heart.”  And what God ‘stuck in their hearts’ was a sense of spiritual desperation for Europe, and a vision for its restoration. This was no romantic coincidental ‘falling in love with Europe on holiday’ vision, this was a vision built on a twelve year history of the Tedders living in and ministering across Europe.

The seed of the ‘Restore’ project was sown, as a prophetic call for Europe to return to God based on Isaiah 58:12. The Tedders set to work writing new material and organising the tour which would see them and their friends in the ‘Worshiplanet’ band recording worship events in historic church buildings in England, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. “To be able to worship in places that were built to the glory of God was a very powerful reminder that there’s a heritage there, and we’re building on the faith of those that have gone before us. Mark explains.

The resulting CD/DVD recording is a testimony and proclamation of God’s faithful sovereignty over Europe with a vibrant fusion of acoustic songs, poems, prayers and beautiful imagery. To those of us disillusioned with our country’s abandonment of its faith, Mark issues a challenge: “God hasn’t pivoted from His position.  There’s still hope for Europe, for this continent that God so loves to be ‘Restored’.”

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